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Selling a home isn’t easy if you do not know what you are doing and it involves over 100 different tasks in order to achieve the two main goals of getting the home sold and also helping the seller walk away and turn the chapter with as much money in pocket as possible, so what can you do in order to help you home sell fast and for the highest dollar amount possible?

1) Set the stage, declutter your home and go crazy filling the garage or lease a storage space to help the home look larger and to help keep it clean easier. Actual staging is sometimes necessary.

2) Make sure you price it right, no matter how much money you put into the home and how much sweat equity you have poured into that back yard, the market will always dictate what the final sales price will be, many upgrades that you might have in your home are to beautify and help it aesthetically and will help a buyer fall in love the same way you did. Always Ask your REALTOR about valuation of upgrades, to asses the increased value.

3) Make the home available, It’s much more easier for a buyer to feel confident in moving forward after viewing the home and spending a few minutes in it, before moving forward with the purchase, and remember not to leave dishes in the sink.

4) Prepare the kitchen,  most homes sell because of the looks of the kitchen so make sure you pinterest the kitchen up and make sure that it is sparkling clean at all times, sort out your pantry and cabinets, even if it involves taking a little bit of the home feel out.

5) Pick the right agent, this part is nothing like picking a prom date, make sure that who you pick to market our home is going to help you realize your goal and also has a track record to prove that they will do anything possible to negotiate the best terms for you, while holding all of the pieces of the puzzle together so the sale goes by smoothly.

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