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Here We Grow Again…

Job Postings David Acosta Group

Once again we are growing and expanding our Team in LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO, EL PASO and DALLAS area! Career openings on our Administrative and SALES TEAM. We are looking for self motivated people who favor a fun fast paced learning environment. Send us an email if you or someone you know is looking for an AMAZING career opportunity!!!


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Does Credit Repair works?

Bad credit can happen to good people. Don’t feel bad f it has happened to you. There are ways you can get your creditworthiness in shape over time. But you have to start working on it today and you may be able to reestablish your credit capacity to BUY A HOME!!!.

There are a number of things that you can do that may help. Here is how to get started:

1.- Lets meet so I can guide you to improve your score, I work with several companies that are very good helping people with credit issues, I need the opportunity to meet with you and understand your timeframe, there are some option that work faster than others, and many many times a very simple action may help you to improve faster. Call us (TX) 915.500.1100 (San Diego) 619.503.9000 (L.A.) 310.499.2800

2.- Visit our website so you can start looking for your dream home while your credit is under repair

3.- We’ll set up an appointment with a credit repair agency

4.- Start small. Get someone to add you as an authorized user and/or add Secure Cards and use your new accounts in moderation. We can share with you the proper way to use those new cards.

Avoid carrying a balance that is more than 30% of your credit limit. it will affect you if you go over that percentage

Reduce your household spending and consider a budget

Don’t hire “quick fix agencies” you may waste a lot of money with them

Now it’s time to get your new home, don’t let small credit issues hold you back from buying a home for you and your family!!!!!!

Call us, we have a Team of buyer specialists and we will help you getting your DREAM HOME!!!



Que es mejor ???

Muchos de nuestros clientes nos preguntan continuamente si creemos que es mas conveniente comprar o seguir rentando.

 Definitivamente el comprar siempre sera la mejor opción, son muy escasas las ocasiones en que se recomiende la renta, como seria el caso de anticipar un movimiento proximo fuera de la ciudad en menos de 6-9 meses o cuando se esta trabajando en reparar su credito; algunas personas continúan rentando buscando ahorrar para dar un enganche pero desconocen que existen programas que ofrecen asistencia para el mismo.

Comprar tu casa propia, puede ser un patrimonio familiar o simplemente una fuente de ingresos al mantener propiedades de inversion.

En una hipoteca los pagos son Fijos a diferencia de la renta que cada periodo que se renueve tipicamente aumenta. Ademas de que al momento de rentar, se tiene que dar de 1-2 meses de deposito mas 1 mes de renta, lo cual representa un desembolso que puede evitarse en ciertos programas de compra.

La casa propia se puede decorar, remodelar o cambiar sin requerir la autorización de alguien mas. No se tienen que pagar depósitos por mascotas . Y mas importante aun la renta es un “GASTO” y la compra una “INVERSION”

Actualmente las tasas de interes están en los niveles mas bajos de los últimos 20 años y podemos negociar que los vendedores cubran ciertos gastos adicionales como costos de cierre, electrodomésticos, descuentos en precio, etc…

Para una consulta llamenos al 915.500.1100 (TX) 619.503.9000 (san Diego) o por email:


Check out our Monthly MAGAZINE

We are proud to present…

On this issue of our monthly magazine where we’re bringing you valuable information about the local Real Estate market, information about CHANGES on the Lending Market that will affect interest rates, we are featuring Market Snapshots of some of the most sought after Areas in town and valuable options for investment properties.


We are always thankful for all your continuous referrals and the opportunity to serve you, your family, friends and co-workers in the L.A. area and I am excited to share with you of many of our current clients and friends buying and selling in SoCal where we are able to help you BUY A HOME… SELL A HOME…or INVEST IN REAL ESTATE…

We just started operations in the San Diego, Chula Vista and La Jolla market and we are looking forward to serve you there as well. Thank you for keeping the David Acosta Real Estate Group #1 in the Market.

Enjoy this month’s issue.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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SELLING your Home…

Selling a home isn’t easy if you do not know what you are doing and it involves over 100 different tasks in order to achieve the two main goals of getting the home sold and also helping the seller walk away and turn the chapter with as much money in pocket as possible, so what can you do in order to help you home sell fast and for the highest dollar amount possible?

1) Set the stage, declutter your home and go crazy filling the garage or lease a storage space to help the home look larger and to help keep it clean easier. Actual staging is sometimes necessary.

2) Make sure you price it right, no matter how much money you put into the home and how much sweat equity you have poured into that back yard, the market will always dictate what the final sales price will be, many upgrades that you might have in your home are to beautify and help it aesthetically and will help a buyer fall in love the same way you did. Always Ask your REALTOR about valuation of upgrades, to asses the increased value.

3) Make the home available, It’s much more easier for a buyer to feel confident in moving forward after viewing the home and spending a few minutes in it, before moving forward with the purchase, and remember not to leave dishes in the sink.

4) Prepare the kitchen,  most homes sell because of the looks of the kitchen so make sure you pinterest the kitchen up and make sure that it is sparkling clean at all times, sort out your pantry and cabinets, even if it involves taking a little bit of the home feel out.

5) Pick the right agent, this part is nothing like picking a prom date, make sure that who you pick to market our home is going to help you realize your goal and also has a track record to prove that they will do anything possible to negotiate the best terms for you, while holding all of the pieces of the puzzle together so the sale goes by smoothly.



Los Angeles 310.499.2800

San Diego    619.503.9000

El Paso, TX   915.500.1100



Looking to start a new holiday tradition the whole family can enjoy? San Diego has you covered with holiday parades both on and off the water, colorful lights displays and festivals full of good food, music and much more.

Click on the link below to check out all the holiday events going on in San Diego!



Information and Wall Street

One of Information is the most valuable thing (as the 1987 film WALL STREET puts it) when making any purchase or sale, having a guideline is important to give your transaction validity, many people refer to the “larger” websites for information and unknowingly believe this to be true and accurate.

After searching through many of these websites like Zillow, Trulia, etc. you WILL NOT notice common trends, the limited public information that these websites have access to is never cross checked and is published by machines, the good thing about these websites is that they are easy to use, and have very simple user interfaces.

Although these websites are a good fast access and/or starting point on your research consult with a specialist, after all you wouldn’t use WEBMD to diagnose yourself otherwise you might end up with cancer as many of those searches, contact a well trained and experienced real estate team in your local El PasoSan Diego & L.A.
 market, who is vested in your interests.



NAHREP El Paso Launch

Every year, NAHREP recognizes top producing Latino agents from across the country in the Top 250 Latino Real Estate Agent award list. The list recognizes agents whose hard work and dedication has led them to close an outstanding number of transactions in an effort to increase the rate of sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

This year the brightest agents from all cities across the country were closely considered for the Top 250 Agents award. Each candidate brings a unique story of personal triumph, overcoming adversity, and devotion to their trade. We at NAHREP believe in the importance of recognizing such hard working people who make homeownership in the Latino community their mission. In the coming weeks NAHREP will publish the findings of this year’s list in the third annual publication highlighting the top producing agents.

The Top 250 Agents will each receive special distinction at the 2014 NAHREP National Convention & Latin Music Festival, and the Top 10 Agents will be publically recognized at an awards ceremony at the convention. The 2014 National Convention & Latin Music Festival is happening at the JW Marriott at LA Live in Los Angeles from October 12 – October 14, 2014. Don’t miss the chance to network with this group of top producers, register for the convention here.

“The Hispanic real estate market is large and is growing rapidly,” says Jason Madiedo, NAHREP’s 2014 president. “Since 2010, Latinos have accounted for 56 percent of the total net growth in U.S. owner households, with purchasing power of approximately $1.5 trillion projected next year. These top agents are achieving tremendous success representing buyers and sellers from markets across America, and NAHREP is honored to salute them with this report,” says Madiedo.

The 2014 Top 250 Latino Real Estate Agents:
The top 10 producing Latino real estate agents in the U.S. are:

  1. Jeff Galindo, Simply Vegas and Real Estate Strategies, Las Vegas, NV
  2. Marshall Carrasco, Marshall Realty, Reno, NV
  3. Marty Rodriguez, Century 21 Marty Rodriguez, Glendora, CA
  4. Johnny Rojas, Century 21 JR Gold Team Realty, Garfield, NJ
  5. Ricardo Acevedo, Century 21 King The Acevedo Team, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  6. Christopher Tello, Keller Williams Realty Partners SW, Pembroke Pines, FL
  7. Marta DuPree, The Keyes Company, Coral Springs, FL
  8. David Acosta, Keller Williams – David Acosta Group, El Paso, TX
  9. Daisy Lopez Cid, RE/MAX Premier Properties, Kissimmee, FL
  10. Leo Pareja, Keller Williams Realty Leo Pareja Team, Falls Church, VA

The 2013 Top 10 Latino Real Estate Agents receiving distinction at the 2013 NAHREP National Convention & Latin Music Festival

Sales production data is representative of the 2013 calendar year. Ethnic background was confirmed through a combination of independent research and self-attestation.

At this time, nominations are closed for the Top 250 Latino Real Estate Agents award. A big GRACIAS to all the agents who submit a nomination for this year’s list! Nominations for the next year’s Top 250 Latino Real Estate Agent award open in January 2015.

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