Raul Barragan

Ph: 530-867-4619
E-Mail: raul@david-acosta.com

Buying and selling a home is such an important decision. In today’s ever changing market, making the right decision is key. Your home is the place where you feel comfortable, make your own, possibly raise a family, and retire. It has to be the right fit.
Finding the perfect home is a goal that is attainable with the right agent. Raul Barragan offers professional and personalized service from start to finish.
Raul has a beautiful wife and 2 precious daughters that he enjoys spending time with, and loves dearly. When he is not with his family, Raul enjoys playing soccer, reading and watching football. He currently resides in Woodland, CA and has been there for the past year.
Since joining the real estate industry, Raul has traveled to Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada for real estate conventions, which provide jammed packed training sessions. Raul continues to take new training within the industry to keep up to date and provide his clients with the level of service they deserve.
He conducts business the way he approaches life, with honesty and integrity. He believes in giving the customer the best possible representation you deserve and won’t give anything less until the job is done. Raul has the knowledge, confidence, motivation and determination to make one of the biggest decisions you will make an easier one.
Raul invites you to contact him today. The right fit is here!