Carlos Chavez


The epiphany of a salesmen. Carlos has been in sales all of his life from his first negotiations haggling with his mother for an hour more of time outside with his friends, he learned the importance of bringing value to the table.Carlos is comprehensive and passionate about the goals of his Team’s clients, specializing in sellers, in particular those who have had a previously discouraging experience, Carlos brings peace of mind and lives by a result oriented drive to succeed for his team’s clients.

After making a full dive into real estate coming from the service & Special events industry, Carlos has made it a goal to know as many people as possible in order to know all walks of life and grow professionally. His formation in Real estate he has been mentored and coached by some of the best talent and Carlos is dedicated to continue his Education and Leadership so he can contribute more to his clients and his team. Carlos knows what it is to work under pressure and thrives in it, and after all is said and done long dinners and time with those closest to him are his favorite pass times.