Ricardo Escandon

Ricardo Escandon

Buying a home is perhaps the most important transaction a person is going to make in his life this is why is important to make an educated choice. Ricardo is best known for offering first-class customer service and a crystal clear transaction to his clients. As a Sales Partner, Ricardo will take the time to know his clients to identify their particular needs and getting them exactly what they are looking for. By offering his one-on-one service to his clients, he can anticipate their needs and solve any obstacle quickly. Working with honesty, ethics and integrity, Ricardo will help his clients to understand the entire home-buying process from A to Z, helping them not only to take well inform decisions but at the same time enjoy the experience of finding the perfect home. Remember, INFORMATION IS POWER.

Ricardo invites you to come to David Acosta Real Estate Group office so he can discuss what is the most important thing about your home search. By doing this, he can help you search for homes that fit your criteria, set up the expectations, and assist you with any further questions you may have. For Ricardo, time is gold, his meetings are characterized for being short, concise and effective. After a short meeting, it will be a hours for him to find your dream home. His job is to protect your interests throughout the home buying process and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and terms.

For him, there is no greatest satisfaction in the world than a happy client!